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Maori funeral customs

Maori funeral customs

The maihi barge-boards , usually tipped with 'fingers' raparapa , represent his arms, the interior his belly, the lengthy ridge-pole his spine and the rafters the cages of his ribs. A "wero" may be issued to a high-ranking woman, such as a Queen, but the "taki" challenge dart must be picked up by a male member of her party. Baseball fans in the Boston area may also find the term offensive due to the intense rivalry between the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees baseball teams. The Maori words, however, can show great originality and in poetic terms far surpass those they displace. For a man to comment to another person about the appearance of the latter's adult female relative wife, sister, daughter, etc is considered inappropriate behavior. The funeral will take place either at the graveside and involve prayer and readings from the Koran.

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Maori funeral customs

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