1995 Maine QSO Party

This is a unique event in the history of the PARC. When the club was young, some of its members either had a background or interest in the contesting, DXing side of ham radio. In those early days, PARC wasn't as sharply focused on public service and emergency preparedness as it has been throughoug most of its history. Fired up from our 1994 Field Day operation and wanting more, we decided to operate during the Maine QSO Party in February 1995. This is the only contest operation we have done outside of Field Day. There is something else unique about this operation. It was the only time we used an amplifier. It was a small one running about 600 watts output but we had a lot of fun with our "big signal". We didn't have a club call yet, so we operated using the call of extra class member N1BUG. Having an extra class operator on board for the frequency privileges was nice, but otherwise this may not have been the best choice of call signs to use in a contest where time is of the essence. We lost count of how many people asked "What's happened to N1BUG? He's never on the air any more!"

Chad, N1SDR, operating our high power station

George, WA1JMM, operating the second station

Chad operating with two others observing

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