1998 Picnic Photos

On September 5, the Piscataquis Amateur Radio Club was again hosted by Howie Weymouth and family at their home in Abbot Village for the Annual Picnic. As in the past, our gracious host and club president, Howie, WA1SBI and hostess Pam, WB1BWJ, and junior hostess, Lesley Weymouth, N1WMW, had the grill all tuned up and ready for the hungry club members and guests. It was a perfect day for the event although a bit windy. Unlike years past, no one volunteered to try out the pool, inviting as it was. With the absence of our swim leader, Carolyn Kelley, N1DGJ, the group couldnt muster the leadership needed to hit the water. Stories of the "old days" were in abundance with all the veteran hams on hand, but the master of stories, some true and some of questionable origin, was WA1AKV, Don. He can tell a whopper or two! There were plenty of sodas, burgers, hotdogs and fixins as well as a nice blueberry pie, salads and chips etc.; lots of good things to eat! Not to leave out the animal kingdom, Shasta the visiting Lab kept busy meeting and greeting the group and cleaning up on the leftovers.

WA1JMM, George Dean mans the grill.

Back row, Left to Right: WA1AKV, Don Gaudreau; N1YAR, Rob Guston; KA1BWH, Harvey Byther; Howie Weymouth, WA1SBI; WB1DKN, Mary Gaudreau.
Second row L-R standing: KB1BWJ, Pam Weymouth; Karen Dean; Robbie Guston; KB1CKS, Bill Littlefield. Seated L-R: N1XMW, Lesley Weymouth; N1YAR, Ann Guston.

Can you spot the difference between this picture and the last?
(Karen Dean has been replaced by George Dean, who was manning the camera for the firt photo)

The membership and guests wish to thank Howie, Pam and Lesley Weymouth for hosting the PARC Annual Picnic for the third year. Its a great place to have the event and we really appreciate the Weymouth family hospitality!

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