2008 Field Day

Stanley “Stosh” Spoors operates KB1NJO, the PARC Get On The Air “GOTA” station at the EOC in Milo, Maine

Piscataquis ARC, K1PQ 2008 Field Day Information Table at the Piscataquis County EOC, Milo, ME

A veiw of the Piscataquis County Emergency Operations Center in Milo, Maine. This is also the home of the Piscataquis ARC, K1PQ. We have an 80 meter dipole on the left tower and a new 160 dipole on the center tower. We also have a “GAP” Verticle which covers 40 through 2 meters in a small clearing behind the EOC bunker. We had trouble with snowmobiles “running over” the GAP in the winter so we “hid” it int he woods!! We also have a 2 meter verticle on the very top of the center tower at about 100 feet. The smaller tower to the left of the vent stacks is the National Weather Service 1000 watt transmitting tower.

WA1JMM explains how placing a 2 meter repeater on a hill can enhance mobile communications. Tom Iverson, Piscataquis County EMA Director was just off camera. He was our Public Official guest for the bonus points...he and his XYL signed the visitor's log.

N1BUG puts a Yaesu to work on CW at the K1PQ, PARC FD 2008

The 30 KW generator which was tested/used during K1PQ, Piscataquis ARC's 2F Field Day 2008 operation at the PIscataquis County, Maine, EOC

George, WA1JMM, working phone (SSB)

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