2011 Piscataquis River Race Photos

George Dean, WA1JMM's "communications vehicle"

The PARC communications team at Lowe's Bridge: WA1AKV, Don Gaudreau and Rodney, N1JRQ during the 2011 Piscataquis River Race

Rob Guston, N1YAS gives the finish line a head up on water craft passing the final check point at the railroad trestle

Left, Ryan, KB1UAS and right, Glenn, KB1LCE staff the last check point before the Finish Line at the railroad trestle during the 2011 Piscataquis River Race

George Dean, WA1JMM, President, Piscataquis Amateur Radio Club at the Finish Line during the 2011 Piscataquis River Race. George relayed water craft finish times to the statistician at the Southern Piscataquis Chamber of Commerce building

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