2012 Miscellaneous Photos

WA1JMM, KB1UJS, WA1PBR, and N1RCU were the instructors for the Technican Class, January through March at the EOC.

Ben, WA1PBR, talking about various aspects of amateur radio

Ken, KB1UJS, speaking to the class

Tom Belvin, WA1LFW, and Bob Campbell (later licensed as KB1WPZ) gave a railroad communications presentation at our January meeting.

Bob Campbell adjusts a communication service monitor donated to the club by Tom Belvin

Tom Belvin giving his presentation

Tom Belvin

Bob Cambell doing his presentation

The software Bob uses to set up and control the railroad communcations system

Bob Campbell

WA1JMM and WA1PBR took part in a VE session at the UMO campus. Bob Campbell (KB1WPZ) took and passed his Technician license exam.

Tiger Scouts from Sangerville and Dover visited the EOC (bunker), home of PARC, learning about ham radio.

N1BUG finished up a two part presentation on power line noise at our November meeting.

Paul talking about the ultrasonic spark detector

The audience

Paul reaching for another of the noise hunting tools

Debbie, KB1WRY, receiving the October PARC's Peak award from President Ken, KB1UJS

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