2013 Miscellaneous Photos

Pictures from our January meeting

Members and guest listen to PARC club president Ken Worster, KB1UJS discuss one of the many agenda items

Joan Chapman, KB1RVP reads the citation to Hero, Dave Ramsey, KB1WRZ

KB1WRZ, Dave Ramsey receives his PARC's Peak Award for having the most check ins on the PARC On-Air Meeting for the month

WA1JMM George Dean, receives his "PARC's PEAK" Award from PARC Club President, Ken Worster

Tiger Pack 61 visits PARC

George Dean, WA1JMM, demonstrating 2m FM with an HT

George letting one of the scouts talk

Dave Ramsey, KB1WRZ, demonstrating morse code

Group picture: visitors and PARC members

Pictures from our February meeting

Bob Cammpbell, KB1WPZ, during his presentation on MMA Rail's ROIP (Radio Over IP) system

EMA Director Tom Capraro talks about new radio equipment

PARC President Ken Worster, KB1UJS, goes over the new equipment

Closeup of the new radios

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